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The Calendar Widget is available as a Drupal module as well as a straight html and javascript bundle.

It provides the ability to generate and display blocks (lists or displays) of calendar events on your own site. We have made it easy for you to connect to the Calendar site and display certain events in the format that best fits your needs. Students can then see and subscribe to those events as they come to your page.


The calendar widget is available both as a Drupal module as well as through straight javascript, so it can be used on any website regardless of platform. Find more documentation below:

Read the Documentation


Listed below are some examples of the different widget display options. A full list and explanation of the 5 different Calendar Widget displays can be found at

Not What You're Looking For?

The Calendar API's make a lot of information available for those who want to build their own custom displays. If you need more information, you can find the Calendar API Documentation here:

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