Drupal 7 (Bootstrap)

Drupal 7

Developed not only as a native Drupal theme, contributions include other compatible modules and broader tools to quickly get a great site up and running quickly.

With full-time and active community members supporting Drupal you'll find learning, and implementing a Drupal site whether it's your first or one of many easier than ever with the new theme.

Drupal 7 Theme - 1st production site in November 2016

  • Fully configurable (site title, search, menu, footer, page layouts, site map, font packages, Bootstrap theme, and more!)
  • No other dependancies to install
  • Multiple regions
  • Main and user menu support
  • Includes Boostrap, FontAwesome, Official BYU font packages, BYU Bootstrap theme

All in one video demoing a setup of a entire site from theme to content using a set of contributed features. 


Used all across campus...


Feb 2018 - This feature is mentioned in this video demo setup playlist.