Drupal 7 Bootstrap


Contributed by Student Academic and Advisement Services this BYU Theme matches the new design standards. Developed not only as a native Drupal theme, contributions include other compatible modules and broader tools to quickly get a great site up and running quickly.

With full-time and active community members supporting Drupal you'll find learning, and implementing a Drupal site whether it's your first or one of many easier than ever with the new theme.

Thank you for your patience! The theme is still under development and we are slowly working with a few partners to use it. If you are interested in participating and using the theme soon let Rob Cook know.

Drupal 7 Theme - 1st production site in November 2016

  • Fully configurable (site title, search, menu, footer, page layouts, site map, font packages, Bootstrap theme, and more!)
  • Multiple regions
  • Main and user menu support
  • Includes Boostrap, FontAwesome, Official BYU font packages, BYU Bootstrap theme