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Contributed by Student Academic and Advisement Services this BYU Theme matches the new design standards. Developed not only as a native Drupal theme, contributions include other compatible modules and broader tools to quickly get a great site up and running quickly.

With full-time and active community members supporting Drupal you'll find learning, and implementing a Drupal site whether it's your first or one of many easier than ever with the new theme.

Download the theme

Thank you for your patience! The theme is still under development and we are slowly working with a few partners to use it. If you are interested in participating and using the theme soon let Rob Cook know.


Drupal 7 Theme - 1st production site in November 2016

  • Fully configurable (site title, search, menu, footer, page layouts, site map, font packages, Bootstrap theme, and more!)
  • Multiple regions
  • Main and user menu support
  • Includes Boostrap, FontAwesome, Official BYU font packages, BYU Bootstrap theme

Custom Modules

The Drupal community offers great modules that extend the functionality of Drupal. In addition to these contributed modules the community is collaborating to provide BYU custom modules. Several have alread been contributed and can be downloaded. Although these aren't required they offer awesomeness and consistency with other BYU sites.


Hero Slider - One image or a series... engage your users with high impact images/messages to welcome them to your site.

  • One or more images
  • Text and action link overlay settings
  • Smart focal point control setting
  • Displays from content schedule
  • Content type preview and display blocks


YouTube Hero - Take your website to the next level and draw users in with a hero video

  • Backup Image (for slow connections)
  • Text and action link overlay settings
  • Video loop settings
  • Content type preview and display blocks


Waterfall Pages - Cards and more! Easily create visual landing pages and pages loaded with your content.

  • Support for videos, images, file uploads
  • Media carousel (block)
  • Related links (block)
  • Landing page settings
  • Compatible with the Front End Editor


Front End Editor - Edit like a pro without having go anywhere! Inline editing like you'd expect one click away and in context of your page.

  • Support for filtered HTML
  • Block for content managers to access it


Feature Page - Tell your story with designed elements. Assemble a feature page to welcome users and tell the story of your website.

  • Seven layout options (and potentially more)
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Schedule driven calendar option
  • Display block



Watch the video of a quick setup tutorial using the new BYU Theme and custom modules. (We know it's a rough cut but thought it was better to share than nothing at all.)