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We are moving away from designs with drop down menus, so if you have lots of menu links, we suggest you convert these to landing pages with top level links. 

These may be formated in many different ways, including the Card Displays listed under Features. We will release more ideas for landing pages in the future.

Ideas for Landing Pages

There isn't one right way to do a landing page. Depending on your content, how many links or resources you need to display, and how that data is grouped, there could be a number of good ways to create your landing page(s). You also don't need to feel limited to only using one type of landing page.

BYU Card Format

The BYU Card is basically a tile styled with a nice box shadow and padding. You can see information about the BYU Card, as well as examples of it's implementation.

Admissions has implemented the BYU Card look using the Content Page feature (which is not a grid but waterfalls, meaning not a grid format - some tiles can be taller than others). You can see the Admissions page.

Simple Lists

You may decide that your content doesn't require images or that you have too many links. You may decide a simply displayed list like the Recreation Management website used for their homepage.

Other Ideas

You may also decide to incorporate some imagery as well as sections to your homepage. Stanford has a great example of this kind of page - very informative, but easy to navigate.

The BYU Alumni website also has a page that is visually active but provides clear directions to explore more of their website. See their Chapters page.

New Designs Coming!

We also have some new designs underway for more ideas for landing pages! 


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