The new BYU menu is sleek and unencumbered by layers and complex routes that we saw in megamenus. It is a simple menu that provides clear, accessible navigation. It is also very responsive. On mobile, it displays header links and the searchbar in this dropdown menu.

Please note that the BYU Theme does not include dropdown menus. If there are more than 6 menu items, additional menu items can be displayed in a MORE dropdown.


You can view the demo page, which includes several code implementation options. View the menu demo.

Challenges to Adopting this Menu

Several have expressed concern in modifying their menu to not include dropdowns. The new BYU Theme strongly encourages landing pages. For ideas on different types of landing pages, see Landing Pages, under our Features section.

There has been some research showing that complex mega menus can be confusing and unpleasant in the user's experience.