Theme Design

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Triggered by internal audits, external reviews, and recognition that the online BYU experience needed new uniformity and direct ties to a defined brand. Lead by Publications and Graphics and the BYU web community, we've arrived at a new, modern, and brand focused design.

The goals is to have all website and online applications adopt the new header and footer. There two parts of a website have been determined to allow good consistency across campus while allowing department to also have the maximum amount of flexibility for their content and applications.

Again, the header and footer are the only parts that as required for everyone to adopt and the community has continued to design for an provide in templates other features to help website managers and developers create a great online experience. 


Focused on the BYU brand the header includes the unoiversity logo and fonts that are expected to remain consistent across campus. Other embedded features however, may not be used in every site. For example, authentication, search, and navigation are not used by every website or application. 


One of the biggest shift in the header is to adopt a new navigation model for websites. The 'mega menu' that was previously used on the BYU homepage and the past templates is no longer recommended.


The footer design is very simple with the BYU brand (blue bar) footer which all sites will include and the option area footer (grey bar) for offices to include contact information and other commonly accessed information into. The designs support social media icons, action links, etc.